Art Director



ART DIRECTOR. UX/UI designer. Problem solver.

I bring a well-honed editorial perspective to every project. Telling a cohesive story and driving the customer’s journey are forefront in my mind when creating an experience for brands across all media. 

I strive for progress and perfection in my work. To see a process evolve is gratifying. I spend a lot of time thinking about (and living) in the future. Working with clients that share a similar interest is crucial to the creative process. 

In a previous life, I cut my teeth in the world of print magazines. Working with top editors, I honed my skill for storytelling. Today I work on digital projects for clients including Audible, Vogue, and Taschen. While my skill set is always advancing, I keep a pen and notebook close at hand. It’s frustrating when an idea gets lost to the daily digital noise and you never know when inspiration will strike.

When I’m not in front of my computer, I’m at home in the mountains of Pennsylvania with my family, spending time in the garden, perfecting a cocktail, and making a delicious meal with my husband. 

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Some Recommendations 
Podcast: Two Dope Queens. Take a listen. They are the best. 

Underrated Vacation Spot: Crashing at my sister’s apartment in Bondi, Australia. Okay, Australia is hardly underrated, but nothing beats a personal tour guide.

Lesser-Known App: Aaptiv. This is my personal trainer. I just plug in and pick a fitness routine and off I go. 

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream. That’s why I’m such a fan of Aaptiv (see above.) 

Bonus Round: 10 Things That Require Zero Talent*

  • Being on time
  • Work ethic
  • Effort
  • Body language
  • Energy
  • Attitude
  • Passion
  • Being coachable
  • Doing extra
  • Being prepared
    (*posted in the deep freeze at chef William Bradley's restaurant Addison)